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Healthy Water

The Essential Nutrient

Heart Disease:
Soft vs Hard Water

Sodium and Hypertension

Hardness, TDS, and pH


Heart Disease and Cancer

Animal Studies:
Compelling Evidence

Demineralized Water:
Revers Osmosis (RO)
and Distillers

Bottled Waters:
Are All Created Equal?

Water Filters:
Questions to Ask

A Chemical War Zone?

Sources: References

Healthy Water Reviews

Martin Fox, Ph.D.

Healthy Drinking Water

What’s Good, Bad, Why and What to Do

Whether you drink bottle water, tap water, or filtered water, what makes the water you drink a “healthy water”? Many people realize that the quality of their drinking water is not ideal. Maybe it’s the taste or odor. Perhaps it’s the various chemicals in the water (some are added on purpose and some are from pollution). Some people think that the dissolved minerals in the water are good and others think they’re bad.

The end result is confusion…

The Healthy Water booklet outlines what is good and bad about the water you drink. And what to look if you are buying a water filter. You can read summaries of the Healthy Water material here or order the full booklet for more information.

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