Healthy Water

The Essential Nutrient

Heart Disease:
Soft vs Hard Water

Sodium and Hypertension

Hardnes, TDS, and pH


Heart Diseases and Cancer

Animal Studies:
Compelling evidence

Demineralized Water:
Reverse Osmosis (RO)
and Distillers

Bottled Waters:
Are All Created Equal?

Water Filters:
Questions to Ask

A Chemical War Zone?

Sources: References

Healthy Water Reviews

Martin Fox, Ph.D.

“Excellent book…I think you have done a good job in trying to put this all together in one single source.”
– Jeffery Bland, Ph.D., Author of The 20-Day Rejuvenation Diet Program: With the Revolutionary Phytonutrient Diet

 “…Your book appears to probably be the most concise, authoritative summary work yet on the subject.”
– Robert T. Williams, President, General Ecology, Inc.

“It’s the best I’ve read on this subject…”
– W. Marshal Ringsdorf, Jr., DMD, Author of The Vitamin C Connection

“I read your excellent book, Healthy Water for a Longer Life, with great pleasure! I recommend it’s thoughtful, informative contents…”
– Gene Rosov, President, Water Test Corporation

“The best documented water book yet for the average citizen to read.”
– Warren Clough, Analytical Chemist, Ozark Water Service and Analytical Laboratory

“An easy-to-read and very up-to-date compendium of much of the present literature, scientific and otherwise, regarding drinking water.”
– Joseph M. Price, MD, Author of Coronaries/Cholesterol, Chlorine

“This is truly a fabulous, as well as informative work.”
– H. Allen Rice, CEO, Multi-Pure Corporation

 “This is a researched and well documented informational book. Long overdue, it tells the story of how bad our drinking water is to our health. Virtually all other books on drinking water have been based on opinions and Dr. Fox has done an excellent job of ‘telling it like it is’ in regard to our health.”
Clinical Nutritionists Newsletter

 “Here, at last, is a comprehensive book that cuts through the hearsay in answering intelligently the water question… This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who cares (about) what he is putting into his body.”
– June Peterson, Health World


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